There’s a place many of us get stuck in and I call it the ‘uncomfortable comfortable’. Being stuck there for too long has some dire consequences, but there is a way to get out. Here’s how.

What is the ‘uncomfortable comfortable’?

Yes, I know it sounds a little bit like a place you might find in Stranger Things, but it’s actually quite simple to explain. It happens when we start to feel uneasy and restless in life, like something is off in our world. And the only way to fix it is to step up and make a change.

Many of us don’t change though, preferring instead to stay in that uneasy place because it’s so damn comfortable! It’s so easy in fact, that it becomes a habit and our ‘normal’ - our uncomfortable comfortable.

What is that uneasiness is telling you

That uneasiness in your soul is there for a reason. It’s pushing you to make changes. I know it can be hard to listen because the unknown is scary. It’s so much easier to just stay with what you know.

Who said we even deserve more or better? It is what it is so it’s best to just settle in comfort, right? Wrong.

Why you should seek more

There is nothing wrong with wanting more. It isn’t greedy or ungrateful. We all have a natural desire to continually grow and expand, in fact it’s our birth right to.

It is also our birth right to live a life full of joy, abundance, happiness, and passion. You don’t even have to earn it or deserve it. It’s yours for the taking!

Now, I know we all experience darkness sometimes too, but it’s there to teach us to appreciate our joy and happiness. In our darkness, we also gain wisdom and knowledge so we can support others when darkness comes knocking on their door.

Start small

Make a commitment today to make just one small change. Listen to your heart about what that one little change should be. It really doesn’t have to be a big one; lives are changed in small, incremental ways not by massive, lightning bolt decisions.

It’s your choice whether you stay stuck in the uncomfortable comfortable rabbit hole, or take some small action to live that fun, fabulous life!

I’m a big fan of the latter, especially as there’s an added bonus if you do: by committing to taking action to get out of your uncomfortable comfortable and live a life of joy and abundance, you will encourage others to do the same. And that’s a wonderful win for the world!

My challenge to you

Not sure you can follow through with that little change? Then let me be your accountability yardstick. Tell me what you are committed to changing and take action in the next 30 days! I’ll check in with you to see how it’s all going. I know you can do it! I’m sure you can as you’ve likely done it before. Have the strength to push yourself beyond your uncomfortable comfortable.