Growing up, I often heard stories about how hard life was, how hard it was to get ahead, how hard you had to work to have what you want. So hard in fact that by the time you were done, you didn’t have the energy to enjoy your achievements!

That was the grim movie that played in my mind day in and day out. The message was clear - you had to work to the point of exhaustion to make things happen. So it was no wonder then that was the reality I created. Sure, I became a success … but I made it the HARD ASS EXHAUSTING way, leaving me drained and unable to enjoy anything.  

Sound familiar???

It doesn’t have to be that way

Ladies and gentleman, we all deserve a life of joy and abundance but it should not involve killing ourselves with work to get there. The idea that we have to work ourselves to the bone to be successful is a limiting belief. Yes, it does take action, commitment, and discipline - but it doesn’t have to crush our soul.

There’s another limiting belief tied to the ‘work yourself to the bone’ one - that if you don’t work to exhaustion, you don’t deserve abundance. The only way to earn that abundance is through back breaking work.

Now is that really true? Some of the people I have encountered with the most abundance work very little hours. Others I know - who are busting their bootys and work tons of hours - are living a lackluster life. It is our mindset around abundance and work that creates our reality.

A new story

Should you find yourself perpetually busting your butt, ask yourself this question - do you believe you have to earn your abundance to deserve it?

If so, change that mindset. Rewrite that old story in your head about how you must sacrifice and bust your ass to make it. Make a commitment today to working smarter, not harder. Enjoy the process along the way as you create that fun, fabulous life.