Beginning something new is exciting, be it a job, a project or a relationship. But it can also be terrifying. It's no wonder then that you start to hear an annoying, ugly and almost-suffocating voice in your head (in Dolby Stereo!) - telling you how badly you suck; how you don’t have what it takes; how you’re not good enough to love etc.

I experienced this just the other day when I was preparing to shoot my video series on self-sabotaging mental chatter (GO FIGURE!) and it took me by surprise. I literally stopped in my tracks and thought ‘WTF?’. I seriously thought I had conquered that menacing voice in my head, telling me to give up and run the other way!!!

Our ego tries to shield us

The unknown is frightening and it’s normal to feel vulnerable when you embark on something new. It’s also normal for our ego to kick in and try to protect us, keeping us safe from possible rejection and pain. But in doing this, it can harm us too. We can potentially miss out on so many amazing experiences because we’re scared and hightail it outta there!

What to do when that voice starts chattering

Consider using the following tactics:

1. Recall the positive

Think back to an occasion when you started something new, but managed to conquer that inner voice. There will definitely be a time (or four!) where you pushed through and overcame your fear of failure, leaving you feeling more comfortable and confident. Keep that scenario in mind when that voice pops up.

2. Still your mind

I invite you to MEDITATE! I know this is challenging in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. But just five minutes sitting silently will help quiet your mind and bring you back to rationality. What helps me most is I focus on my breath. As I breathe in, I chant in my mind ‘I breathe in faith … and breathe out fear’. Give it a try. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

3. Phone a friend

This is the most delicious way to shift your doom and gloom when you get stuck in your head. Talking to our loved ones about their day helps us get back in balance, reminding us that “We ain’t so bad”.

Be resilient

The next time that menacing voice enters your head, don’t let it take you down and keep you from fulfilling your desires. Focus on the fact that when you are living your best life you inspire those around you to do the same!