I can already hear you asking: ‘What the heck is a human doing?’. It’s the same question I asked one of my own coaches when she said it to me as I sat in front of her totally spent, depleted, and done.

A human doing is a person who spends all of their time doing something! Even when they sit down to rest, they can’t just BE. They must play on their phone, watch TV, or tap away on the computer. Any alarm bells ringing for you yet?

The consequence of being a human doing

This constant state of doing really drains your energy, health, and mood. It doesn’t give your body time to rest. It’s no wonder then that you become exhausted, spent, depleted, and physically sick.

Another consequence of being a human doing is the robot-like trance it creates. You’re constantly on autopilot, never truly present with what you’re actually doing.

Why do we do it?

Society conditions us to believe we’re lazy and less of a person if we aren’t constantly doing, achieving, or striving for more.

This creates an unconscious limiting belief in our mind that our self-worth is tied to what we do and how much we do. That’s why the guilt comes rushing in when we think about stopping and just BEING! We find our self-worth in what we do, rather than who we are as a person.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with striving, achieving, and doing more. It is absolutely necessary to take action in our lives. But never at the expense of our sanity.

Take action to slow down

Make a commitment to just stop and BE. What does that look like? Well, when was the last time you stopped to breathe in the fresh air? Or took a moment to actually taste the food you’re wolfing down? Remember daydreaming? Daydreaming is a wonderful way to just be.

Focus on the fact that not every moment of your day needs to be productive. Go sit in the sun and let its restorative rays warm your face. Sit quietly and listen to the sound of your breath. While doing this, keep the mantra in your mind that you are worthy no matter what or how much you do. 

Reap the rewards of just being

Taking these moments will bring you great benefits. They will automatically slow your pace, allowing you to create a space in your mind and heart to hear what your soul wants to tell you. And it’s in listening to those words where you’ll discover true happiness.