Have you ever heard about the concept of ‘divine timing’? It centers on the notion that everything happens at precisely the time it’s meant to. However, as we’re all creatures of the ego, we want things to happen when and how we want them to and when they don’t, it upsets us. But things really don’t work that way. Here’s why …

It takes time

Consider a professional athlete. They train for hours and hours, day in and day out. They not only train for their sport, they also train their mind, and they nurture their body to achieve the level of excellence needed to be a champion. Of course they have bad days where they’re nowhere near the top of their game, but they just keep on working at it until they improve.

Then one day, after they’ve put in all the required time and effort, they can move into championship mode and take that shot at glory. But during that period, they never lose sight of what it took to get there and how much effort they’ve invested along the way. After all, no one gets to a championship after one practice.

Applying divine time to your life

Before we can apply it, here’s a few questions for you:

  1. How are you living your life?
  2. Do you expect things to just happen overnight with the snap of your fingers?A
  3. re you continually frustrated by the pace of change in your life?

Think about your answers for a bit and then consider this: there’s no such thing as an overnight success. Everything truly happens in divine time, not on yours.

Everything you are doing right now is preparing you for the next chapter. Like our example of the professional athlete, you must invest your time where it matters, nurture your mind, body, spirit and your relationships. When you are ready and you have prepared yourself, the next chapter in your life will begin to unfold … all in divine time.

It can be hard but trust it

Just like the athlete who would not have been ready for the championships if they hadn’t invested the time, the universe knows exactly how to prepare you for your championships. And it’s worth noting - the preparation isn’t always pleasant!

Every situation - be it pleasant or challenging - is preparing us and moving us towards our best self. Now often there’s times we get stuck in a vicious cycle and stubbornly refuse to move forward, but we needn’t worry. That’s precisely when the universe forces us out of that cycle. Here’s an example: say you’re in a toxic relationship and are contemplating leaving but just don’t have the courage. Then bam, one day you find your partner has been unfaithful! That’s it right there – the universe forcing you out.

Have faith and know that everything happens in divine time exactly the way it is meant to. When you are prepared and have learned the lessons needed, you will naturally step into the next chapter … just like a champion!