I like being a busy bee but sometimes it all gets really overwhelming. I always have so many projects on my list (be it at home or work) that when I look it at, I freak out thinking ‘OMG, how am I going to get all of this done? It’s too much and too hard!’. The freak out produces one unfortunate outcome – I don't actually end up getting much done at all! Sound familiar?


This is where focus is your friend, my friends. Here’s my fool-proof steps to help you get things into focus and get more done:

  1. Make a list of all that needs doing. Be ambitious and write it all down.

  2. Prioritize. Which project is the most important right now? What is of most benefit to you? And no, it’s probably not printing out your Facebook pictures just because you’re friends are!

  3. Break the project up into small to-do’s each day, week or month. Choose whatever time frame works for you. It’s a great way to achieve a lot, often without even feeling it.

  4. Avoid over-scheduling yourself when picking your time frame. Be realistic with the time you give yourself to complete it. Also remember from my many past articles that saying ‘no’ is healthy. Taking on too much doesn’t benefit you, it hinders you.

  5. Focus on the project to-do’s – nothing else. Schedule time in your calendar like it is an appointment and stick to it. Turn off your phone, shut down your email, and only focus on what you planned to do.

  6. Take breaks. If you schedule several hours, make sure you take short breaks. Get up, do a few stretches, go for a little walk, grab a drink. Whatever you need to do to enable you to come back refreshed and ready to once again be the focus-King or Queen!


You can use these tips for any project; personal, professional, big or small. Look at the big picture then break it into many smaller pictures and start putting it together from there.

In no time at all, you will cross that project off your list and be off to the next one. And it feels so AHHHH-mazing when you tick one off your list, doesn’t it?


If you find yourself consistently putting certain projects off, take a step back and ask yourself: what is stopping you? Is it that you really don’t have the time or is there something else keeping you from moving forward???