Happy New Year!!! Yes, I am a bit late as we are already almost a month in but I hope you’ll forgive me as this year, the holidays were a bit hectic. I didn’t have as much time to recharge as I usually do which brings me to the topic of this post: how you can use the New Year to focus on YOU and get your energy back!


Take a moment to reflect on the ‘you’ of last year. Did you find yourself running around trying to do it all and please everyone in the process? If so, what was the result? I bet it was a complete energy zap. And when you’re feeling that way, there’s no room to feel enthusiastic or passionate about life. All you feel is a big case of YUCKKKK!


Nourishing our mind, body, and soul is vital in protecting our energy. But we often work in ways completely contrary to this. For example, we:

  1. Constantly try to meet insane expectations just because society expects us to

  2. Are afraid to speak our mind for fear of causing problems

  3. Beat ourselves up for the smallest things - things that really aren’t a big deal

  4. Bend over to please others, even at the risk of our own sanity

These things are all really draining - on your mind, body, and soul. If you do them consistently, it’s inevitable you’ll get a visit from the energy ZAP, sending you right back to square one where you feel exhausted, frustrated and plain old yuck all over again.


Set the intention to honor your own needs, to focus on you, and be brave to ask for what you want! It isn’t selfish to take care of you; in fact, it’s necessary so you can take care of others. It even inspires them to take care of themselves.

Some YOU-time tips

  • Spend 10 minutes each day sitting in silence, just breathing or bringing to mind a joyful memory

  • If invited out & you don’t want to go, say no

  • Call a friend & have a chat or go out for a coffee. Reconnecting with those you love is a wonderful energy boost

Come on, I dare you to spend this New Year focusing on your getting mind, body, and soul healthy so you get your energy back. If you don’t, the risk is staying stuck on that hamster-wheel of exhaustion and frustration. I know which one I’d prefer!