The human body is an amazing feat of engineering and we can do any number of things to increase its efficiency. Take, for example, the over 800 muscles in our body. We know that if we go to the gym and lift weights, we’ll build muscle mass. The more we visit the gym, the more iron we pump, the faster our muscles will grow and get stronger.

Your brain controls you

Now consider one of the STRONGEST muscles in your body – your mind. You can train your mind anytime and anywhere but just how often do you do this?

If you’re like most people, probably not much! Instead, you allow your brain to run wild, swirling about in a whirlwind of chaos. Your brain controls you in a negative way, often keeping you paralyzed by indecision or fear.

Understand your fear

Don’t get me wrong, fear can serve an important purpose. If I’m out camping and see a big ‘ole black bear coming toward me, I want my fear to kick in to make my ass RUN. But real fear is very different to irrational fear … and most of our fears are irrational.

One of the basic principles of the universe is we attract what we focus on. If your mind is constantly focused on fear-based situations and negativity, then guess what … your life is going to be filled with the very same.

Take a moment to think about the people in your life. You’re sure to have at least one person that brings you down every time you talk to them. They always have some drama or catastrophe going on. Do you want to be that person?

Mind strength training

If you always seem to attract drama and negativity into your life then imagine how amazing it would be to train your mind to attract positivity and joy instead?

You can do this with mind strength training. Work that mind muscle just as hard as you would your bicep in the gym.

The first step in mind training is as simple as taking my ‘complaint challenge’ today …

When you find yourself complaining about something STOP, step back and ask yourself:

“What is the positive in my negative?”

For example, you’re stuck in traffic going nowhere fast (or slow!). Instead of getting frustrated and complaining about it, be grateful your commute isn’t even longer. Use the extra time to catch up with friends on some hands-free phone calls instead.

Practice makes perfect

Try this simple exercise for two weeks. At the end of this time, reflect on your brain change. Also keep an eye on this space as I give you more exercises to help strengthen your mind!

Much love and joy!