New Beginnings

I’ve been so privileged to work with some amazing people and share in their transformative journeys and adventures. Their stories are inspirational and courageous. Their words are powerful. Why not grab a cup of coffee and read their inspiring stories? Perhaps they’ll give you the push you need to create the new exhilarating life you have been dreaming of.

Grace is an absolute genius! Through her coaching, I have been able to calm many of my worries and anxieties. Her sessions have helped me eliminate mental blocks to boost my productivity at work and school. Grace has worked with me to learn how to feel more happy and calm in my every day life, and as a result, this has brought my partner and I closer together.  It takes some hard work, but it’s completely worth every minute! She has helped me become a better version of myself. Thank you Grace! ~ H.O.

Trustworthy, professional, compassionate and brilliant are just a few words I'd use to describe Grace on just my experiences with her as a coach. Extremely knowledgeable, not only literally, but also from her unique life experiences. She is such an amazing woman whose immense love for her work and desire to help, as well as empower people, is totally evident. With her soft, caring voice, she has guided me and played a pivotal role in the unbelievable growth I've experienced. In a short time she's helped me achieve and accomplish more than the many therapists throughout the years have. I can't contain my emotions, nor can I find the words to express how grateful I am. She’s truly changed my view and approach towards my past, present, future, loved ones, career and life in general. I anxiously look forward to future sessions with you as the true gifts that they are! ~ J.D.

I have been working with Grace for 10 months and within that short period of time, my outlook on life has dramatically changed. I started with the simple practice of voicing my goals, gratitude and intentions. Over time, I began voicing my gratitude daily and not just to myself, but also to the people around me letting them know that no matter how difficult things are there was always something to be grateful for. Fast-forward to the present day, it is truly amazing the chain reaction that happens when a simple exercise starts, the people in my life soon started to voice their gratitude and were truly thankful for the people and blessings in their lives. There is always work to be done, and I will always be grateful for every single day that is given to us.

Thanks to Grace’s sessions and all the help she provided, I have become more efficient at letting go of my anxiety and past emotional issues. My depression episodes have become shorter and less frequent. I am able to keep a positive outlook on my every day life. 
These changes have ultimately made my life and the life of my loved ones happier and fuller. I am truly blessed to have Grace in my life, to coach me through rough times and teach me how to truly appreciate every single moment. ~ A.A.

Grace has been an incredible coach  to work with. She has a calm loving demeanor about her. I felt like I was talking to a supportive friend who cared deeply about me. Grace has helped me overcome some tough obstacles in my life and obtain inner peace along with career direction. Working with her made me learn how to stop being the victim and the power of self discovery! I've taken control of my life again, achieved self-esteem, health and happiness. She really listens and understands where you are in life. Grace is beautiful, strong, confident and smart!! I look forward to working with her each and every time. ~ N.T. 

As a working mother of two little girls, finding balance and taking time out for myself is an ongoing challenge. Working with Grace is an enlightening experience. Her calm presence, intuitive skills and professionalism, has helped me make better decisions with my life. In the past four months, I have gained tools that have helped me motivate myself to better health – I have found time and balance to make exercise work throughout my week without feeling like a burden, career advancement – I recently accepted a great job that allows me to work in my profession while gaining flexibility to tend to my children’s schedule, increase my self esteem – I take more pride in myself and have noticed that others are reacting positively to it. Finally, Grace works with me to gain stronger relationships with people I love. 

Working with Grace is an ongoing gift for myself. I am grateful for her time and expertise. ~ S.J.

I’ve been struggling with my weight for years.  I would jump on the latest fad diet and yes, I would lose some weight for a short time, but I couldn’t keep the motivation to keep going and would end up gaining it all back and sometimes more than before I started.  I felt frustrated and defeated.  I’ve always heard of hypnosis but never researched it, until recently.  Now after being overweight for years, I’ve finally lost weight!  20lbs to be exact and I’m still working on losing more! What’s even more exciting, I’m keeping it off!  Grace has helped me tremendously to get to the root of my overeating and lack of motivation.  I’m finally more consistent and dedicated to getting healthy and it feels great.  If you’re on the fence about hypnosis for weight loss, take the leap! It’s so worth it.  If you’re worried about the financial aspect, just think of how much money you’ve spent on going out to dinner, junk food, etc. You’ll love yourself for using that money towards this and you’ll be so much happier! I know I am.  ~ J.G.

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