If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you.

Walk through this 30 day challenge with grace and see a better you.

Day 1. Write down three things that you want. It is ok to stretch your imagination.

Day 2. Imagine what it would feel like to have the three things you want above.

Day 3. Today imagine that you already have the three things you want. 

Day 4. Spend 15 minutes in nature. Breath in the fresh air, notice the trees, the sky, the birds. 

Day 5. Refrain from complaining and being negative today. 

Day 6. Write down three things that make you feel uplifted and happy. 

Day 7. When you experience a negative emotion today do or think of one of the three things above that make you feel uplifted and happy. 

Day 8. Invite a friend that you miss for a 45 minute walk. 

Day 9. Call a loved one and share an accomplishment you had for the day.

Day 10. Write down five things that you are grateful for. 

Day 11. Do jumping jacks for 30 seconds and sit ups for 30 seconds.

Day 12. Look in the mirror and tell yourself how amazing you are. Spend five minutes giving yourself positive affirmations. 

Day 13. Google a subject you love, read about it or watch a Ted talk about it and educate someone else on the subject. 

Day 14. Bring someone flowers today. 

Day 15. Take 30 minutes to declutter a drawer or closet you have been putting off. Day 16. Donate something that you no longer use. 

Day 17. Put your favorite music on and just dance. 

Day 18. Send a handwritten thank you card to someone just because. 

Day 19. Surprise a friend or partner by organizing a future date night out doing something THEY love. 

Day 20. Schedule a massage or spa appointment of your choice. 

Day 21. Put your phone down today and talk to a stranger. 

Day 22. Get dressed up today even if you are just going to run errands. 

Day 23. Busy something new for yourself that you have been putting off. 

Day 24. Surprise a co-worker or friend with a scrumptious treat. 

Day 25. Write a positive post for your social media account. 

Day 26. Call a friend that you miss and calendar a day or night out to catch up. 

Day 27. Have breakfast for dinner! 

Day 28. Meditate or sit quietly for just 5 minutes. 

Day 29. Plan a staycation. 

Day 30. Be fearless! Step outside the box and do something you have been putting off out of fear!